Hospital Board discusses upcoming changes

Trinity Memorial Hospital District held their last meeting Monday, July 17, with East Texas Medical Center as the hospital's operating manager. ETMC is scheduled to end their lease with Trinity Memorial Hospital on July 31. This exit does not mean an end to healthcare for the community, according to the TMHD.
Board President Randy Karnes said the Executive Committee is moving forward with details concerning the separation from ETMC, including reviewing 113 contracts, many of which concern hospital equipment, and deciding which ones to keep or terminate. They also are preparing to change all exterior locks at the hospital, which is part of the separation process.

Although the ETMC Clinic will close effective July 31, the TMHD board is currently in the final stages of negotiation with another provider to assume management of the Trinity Clinic effective August 1, and continue health care in the community. As soon as this negotiation is complete the Board will provide more details.

"We are still working on healthcare for the community," Karnes said. "I can't speak too much because the agreements are not in place. We are working toward keeping healthcare here... we are still actively working on some solutions... it's promising... There is a game plan for the future of the whole facility, and that's all I can say right now."

The Board also discussed insurance policies for the facility since ETMC has been responsible for that in the past. The building has to be insured by August 1, so the Board chose to enter into an agreement with U.S.I. Insurance services, but will continue to seek out better policies they can switch to at a later date. The Board was advised to budget for around $10K for a policy; however, the facility being empty will increase risk, raising the quote for the TMHD to over $32K.

"It's because of their concern that part of the building will be unoccupied," Vice President Carlyn Bluis said. "So they had some concerns about that, because it is... a very beautiful, expensive building."
The Board is actively seeking out cheaper brokers.

The Board also spoke with Jewade Rauf from J-Tech Electronics concerning a new security system. The facility currently has security technology, but it is routed to Tyler, TX. Rauf presented several proposals to the Board, and they opted for a $10K bid that would include eight cameras and sixteen channels.
As information about the clinic and hospital become available, it will be published in the Groveton News.